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Does Home Insurance Cover a Tree Falling on Your House?

Does Home Insurance Cover a Tree Falling on Your House?

Yes. If a tree falls onto your house, your homeowners insurance will cover the damage caused to your home, as well as other structures, by falling branches and limbs. It also covers damage from a neighboring tree that falls on your property. However, your neighbor’s insurer may cover the damage if it was caused by negligence.

Do homeowners’ insurance policies cover tree damage?

Your homeowners insurance would cover damage to your home, belongings or any other structures (garage deck, fence etc.). If a tree falls onto your home due to a hurricane or any other reason, your homeowners’ insurance deductible will be subtracted. It may also pay for the removal of trees and cleaning up. You should file a claim for property insurance as soon as you can if the damage is serious. Take pictures of the damages. Find out more about homeowners insurance and what it covers.

If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance will pay for damages caused by a falling tree. This optional coverage covers events that are out of your hands, like hail, falling trees and vandalism.

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Fassbender Insurance CTAWhat happens if the tree of a neighbor falls on my home?

Your homeowners insurance might cover damage caused by a neighboring tree that falls on your home if it is a result of a covered peril, blocks your driveway, or meets certain requirements. If the neighbor’s insurance company covers the damage if the tree was clearly dead or rotting, and the neighbor was negligent.

Remember that it can be hard to prove negligence. You’ll have a stronger case if you sent a letter certified by a tree expert stating that the tree needed to be removed or if the neighbor was asked to remove it. If you find that your neighbor was negligent, the homeowner’s insurance would cover any damages.

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fallen tree on a carWho is responsible for the removal of a neighbor’s tree that falls on my property?

Even if a tree that fell in your yard was obviously dead or rotting, you are responsible for removing it. If your neighbor refuses to share the costs of the removal, you will be responsible for the entire cost. If the tree does not cause any damage, but it blocks your driveway or a ramp, or a fixture that is used to help a disabled person, your homeowners insurance will usually cover the cost.

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fallen tree on a houseWhat happens if my neighbor’s home is damaged by my tree?

Your neighbor will usually make a claim on their own insurance if your tree fell on their house. This is true unless it was clearly damaged or rotten. In this case, the neighbor can try to prove your negligence by claiming that you did not remove it. Your insurance company may be responsible in this case. The neighbor’s insurance might cover the cost of tree removal if your tree did not hit anything but is blocking their driveway.